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Cheap Surveillance Cameras: 5 Best Security Camera Systems For The Budget Minded In 2017

How safe is your home? Recent statistics indicate that burglary is a widespread problem in the United States and may be perpetrated in your neighborhood more often than you think. In the time it takes you to make a trip to the supermarket, 240 houses will be burglarized.

Over 60% of burglaries (despite the cliché image many have of the man in black lurking in the shadows) occur in the middle of the day, with the average loss to the homeowner or tenant cresting at $2,330 per incident. That tallies up to nearly $4.7 billion per annum. If you or your neighbors have been previously targeted, odds are in favor of a repeat occurrence.

HikVision Camera

Given these statistics, a person might feel a bit queasy when pulling the door shut just before going to work without having any outdoor security cameras installed first.

While there is no single layer of protection that will exempt a homeowner from being victimized, there are a few things that will lessen the likelihood of burglary.

Hands down, the most effective deterrent is a solid home security system with outdoor security cameras and motion detection. Statistics show that the presence of surveillance cameras on property significantly reduces the likelihood of burglary and other criminal activity. The problem with professionally installed security systems, however, is that the initial installation and subsequent maintenance fees can cost the homeowner hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

Is there a way to scratch your address off the burglar’s shopping list without breaking your bank account? You bet. Take a look at these five cheap video surveillance systems with indoor and outdoor cameras and make your trip to work or the supermarket a bit more tranquil.

5. AOBO Hidden Spy Camera 720P Wireless WiFi Nanny Cam Mini Portable Home Covert Security IP Camera

Listed at $39.99, this camera is a steal. The small structure and diversity of camera lenses make it a perfect fit for even the tightest spaces, and an especially good choice for areas where concealment is necessary for aesthetic purposes.

AOBO Hidden Spy Camera

Benefits Include:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Telephone alert when motion is detected
  • Eight different lens covers that allow for quality recording in most any circumstance
  • Ability to store video content on an SD card
  • Loop recording that allows new video surveillance video to automatically take the place of older material
  • Can be used for 80 minutes on rechargeable battery or connected to permanent power source

Imagine you are out for a night on the town and you receive an alert from one of the motion sensors in your house. You click on the video stream from your phone and see an intruder snooping about. You call the police, a car is dispatched, and, within five or ten minutes, a burglar is being booked at the station. Only 13.6% of burglaries result in arrest, making your investment in a few of these surveillance devices a worthwhile endeavor.

4. YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System (US Edition) Black

This surveillance camera sells at the rock bottom listing of $39.99 and offers quality surveillance capability for the conscientious homeowner.

YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

The Device Records In 720p HD And Comes Equipped With The Following:

  • Two-way audio built-in microphone and speaker
  • 111-degree, wide-angle lens with zoom capability for increased surveillance area
  • WiFi connectivity for remote access
  • Telephone alert when motion is detected
  • Ability to store video content on an SD card

This camera is perfect for the budget-minded homeowner/tenant who wants to protect home assets without being burglarized in the checkout line.

3. Elite 600 TVLBullet Surveillance Camera

This sleek-looking surveillance camera, available for $49.99, is perfect for monitoring activity from a tight perch. It comes with 600 TV lines of resolution and the 24IR LEDs are capable of recording quality video streams up to 70 feet away, even if the surveyed area is shrouded in blackout conditions.

The camera is equipped with digital noise reduction and the cables (sold separately), are concealed for a professional appearance. Secure your home with the Elite 600 TVL Bullet Surveillance Camera, even if your overhead spacing is limited.

Elite 600 TVLBullet Surveillance Camera

2. SV3C Full HD 1080P Bullet Outdoor Security Camera Poe IP Camera,1920X1080 Resolution, 20-Meter Night Vision, IP66 Waterproof, Support Remote Viewed by iPhone, Android Phone, Pad and Windows PC

This camera is more visible to the casual observer than some of the other more camouflaged choices, which may serve to deter would-be burglars in some instances. Superior lens capabilities make this device a great buy at $45.00.

SV3C Full HD Bullet Outdoor Security Camera

Benefits Include:

  • Choice of two installation methods
  • 1920*1080 HD: Superior Full HD 2 Megapixel Video Resolution
  • Noise reduction
  • IR lights give 20-feet surveillance capability in blackout conditions
  • Weatherproof casing
  • Compatible with most security software systems

1. Security Camera, LeFun 720p Wireless WiFi IP Camera Surveillance Camera with Pan Tilt Motion Detection Two-Way Audio and Night Vision for Baby Monitor

This surveillance device, available for $52.99 (while supplies last) can be easily concealed on white walls and ceilings. It comes with a 720P high-resolution lens and a full one-year warranty.

LeFun Wireless WiFi IP Camera

Other features include:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Can be monitored remotely by multiple devices at the same time
  • 350-degree horizontal surveillance capability and 100-degree vertical tilt for superior coverage
  • IR LED night vision up to 32 feet
  • Built-in microphone and speaker system
  • Stores video on an SD card

While this device is slightly more expensive than the others, its tilt and rotation capabilities give it a solid value for the cost.

The installation of a good home security system cannot guarantee a crime-free environment, but it can certainly increase the chances that a would-be burglar scoping out your neighborhood will move on to greener pastures. 60% of convicted burglars claim that the presence of a home security system deterred their intended burglary and caused them to choose another location.

Don’t wait for it to happen to you. Protect your home with any of these affordable surveillance and security systems and decrease the likelihood that you will become one of the two million victims who will lose property this year to theft.

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