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10 Cheap and Easy Home Security Tips You Can Do Today

Simple Ways to keep your home safe from Burglars and Break-ins

When you hear of a break-in or a burglary, what’s the first thought that crosses your mind? It is usually, “Is my home safe against burglars?” Now, you may invest in the top notch security and CCTV camera systems to stay safe, but did you know that there are so many simple checks and inexpensive ways to secure your home against usual burglary attempts and burglars? We understand that most people are aware of these simple ways, but sometimes the simplest of things remain ignored and the thieves are always on the hunt for easy targets. Follow our easy home security tips to keep your home safe from burglars and break ins. 

1. Keep Your Doors Secure 

One of the most common ways a burglar enters a house is through the front door. This sounds too easy, but statistics show that one-third of burglaries happen when there is an easily accessible door to the house. The front door needs to be rock solid. Change the lock doors if you suspect anything, especially in a new home. You can also use video doorbells, smart locks, deadbolts and even add a strike plate. A simple trick is to use extra long wood screws to the strike plate when installing your deadbolt lock. Manufacturers usually include 1 inch screws but those aren’t strong enough to prevent the door from being kicked in. Use 3 inch wood screws to really help keep that strike plate intact. 

2. Lock Your Windows Properly 

Most manufacturer latches on the windows aren’t made to keep them secure into a forced entry. By making sure that these entryways are safe, you can sleep peacefully through the night. The easiest solution to this is adding tough window bars so no human can enter. Window security films as well as glass break sensors can come in handy in alarming any attempts at burglary. Usually you only have to do this on first floor windows. Second story windows are harder to break in. There is only a 2% chance of a second-floor window break-in. 

3. Keep Your Outdoors Bright 

Outdoor lights can really help deter would be burglars from attempting to break-in to your home. Whenever burglars enter the boundary of a home, any motion-activated auditory or visual alarm will keep them at bay. If you have a good outdoor space, make sure that you properly light it up from every corner since dark nooks and crannies attract burglars. You can add multiple motion-activated lights at strategic places and make them budget-friendly by going solar or setting timers on lights. Another easy home security tip that’s very simple is to  leave a porch light and a back door light on to help deter burglars. 

4. Secure Your WiFi and Network 

Our home security tips aren’t just for the typical things like doors and windows. Hackers can make their way into your home remotely if you aren’t prepared. Most smart gadgets and appliances like Ring Doorbells, Alexa and others are IoT-based which unfortunately is accessed by WiFi and can easily pose a security threat. Nowadays, even amateur hackers are able to crack through vulnerable systems. These hackers can To deter such attacks, ensure that you secure your WiFi with a strong password, a safe wireless router, and use a firewall. You can also add reliable antivirus protection to your systems. 

5. Exposing Vulnerable Spaces 

No matter how safely you plan your house, there will always be some nooks and crannies that will provide easy access or easy hiding places to burglars. Unkempt lawns and green areas can often grow too shady which can be used as a hiding spot even in the daylight. Lock all gates, light up all dark corners, display bold warning signs and hide ladders, ropes and stools. Another security tip, if you are planning to be away, keep some lights on in your house. Burglars usually don’t want to run into anyone. Lights on usually mean someone is home. If you are going away for an extended time like a vacation, purchase some light timers or set a timer up with your smart home system. 

6. Optimize Your Security Camera Views

Whenever you plan on buying CCTV, security and remotely-accessed cameras, make sure you always crisscross the camera views. The best solution is to use 360 degree cameras at all corners so you have a good view of everything at any time. If not, use cameras at spots that cover any and all blindspots since those are the places that the burglars will try to sneak in through. 

7. Purchase an All-in-One Security System 

Security systems aren’t as expensive as they used to be, and these have now become a necessity rather than a luxury. There are many plans with a number of options that you can choose according to the size of your home, your budget and your preference. You can DIY it or hire a professional to do the job. And when choosing a plan, you can always throw in extras to feel more secure. 

8. Invest in Safes 

As oldschool as it may seem but getting a safe for your home is one of the most reliable ways to prevent burglars from getting to the good stuff. If you have a safe at home, place all your valuables inside to let the burglars try their luck in getting your stuff. However, we do advise that you get two safes, one as a decoy for burglars and one where you keep the actual valuables, known only by a select few. 

9. Automate Your Home 

Because of movies, most people think that automating your home is a luxury afforded only by the elite. The truth of the matter is, that anyone with affordable single board computers (IoT/Raspberry Pi) and a basic knowledge of the computer language can create their own automation systems. If DIY seems too tedious, you can always hire someone to automate everything that can be. With automation, you can even get security footage with audio in a livestream for you to check how things are, even when you are away! 

10. Properly Secure Your Garage 

Some automatic doors take enough time to open and close that anyone slipping through a tight blindspot can hide themselves inside the garage. This gives them a very worrisome access to the rest of the house. And since they are indoors, they can easily leave the house without much alarm. Ensure that your garage doors don’t block out existing security cameras. You can also use locks and zip ties to make sure that the garage door is completely safe from intruders. 

Starting with these basic home security tips can give you peace of mind when you are home or even while you are away. Start with these top 10 security tips to get your home one step closer to a safer home.