Best Security Systems For All Your Needs

Best Security Systems For All Your Needs

Installing home security cameras is the easiest way to make sure your family is safe. Home video security systems can help you keep an eye on your kids when you are away and you can also check what your domestic staff is up to during the work hours in addition to deterring theives. 

If you are looking to install a home security system or want to upgrade your existing security alarms, you need to read this. The biggest reason most owners these days want to invest in a home security system is that it offers protection against intruders.

Home security camera outside.

It’s not surprising that homes without security systems are targeted by intruders. What’s sadder is that a simple alarm system is not at all enough to protect your home or prevent a break-in. Most homeowners only think about break-ins when they hear home security systems, but this is not right.

If you decide to invest in a high-quality home security system, you give yourself, your family and your kids’ peace of mind. Remember there’s no better feeling than knowing that your kids and even senior loved ones are safe when you are not around.

For those who have loved ones that are incapacitated and are unable to leave their rooms, a home security system can monitor all the areas of the home and you can dispatch help when needed.

Home security systems are also being used by small business owners to catch the intruders in the act. The security cameras discussed here provide constant monitoring and you can always respond to emergency situations pretty quickly once you receive the notification alert on your phone.

So what are the best home security system options for your home? Here's a quick overview, but continue reading to find out more:

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Security Systems – Our Top 3 Recommendations

Let's take a look at some of the best security systems, and decide which one of these suits your needs.

Amcrest AMDV4M8-4B UltraHD Video Security System

Having a security camera system for home and office is one of the most acclaimed tools to keep a close eye on what happens on your property. Out of the many home security systems you find these days, Amcrest AMDV4M8-4B UltraHD Security System is considered one of the best options for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

The market of course is flooded with home security systems as well as cameras for outdoor surveillance. However out of all kinds of cameras available, this Amcrest video security systems tops the list of customer favorites for a very obvious reason.

This security system is pretty much uncomplicated and has the much needed edge over all other products due to its innovative design. The four high resolution cameras ensure that you capture all points of interest and you can even set the system to buzz whenever it detects motion.

Amcrest 960H video security system camera.

Though the security system looks simple, it provides unparallel results and performance. The product comes with power cables, easy-to-understand user manuals, foot cables, mounting equipment and a DVR motherboard.

Perhaps the most notable element is the heavy-duty metal IP67 camera with night vision ability. You can easily transfer the amazing high-resolution videos to external hard drive.

The Amcrest Link application which can be downloaded from Google Playstore or ITunes allows you to control your security system.

The app’s view interface feature includes options for controlling camera position (Pan, Tilt and Zoom), customizing video screen, switching between main and sub streams, capturing screenshots as well as recording and saving the video to your Smartphone’s internal memory.

The Amcrest app also includes a Playback interface which gives you a chance to view locally recorded videos on your phone anytime at any place you want. Yes, the cameras can be viewed by every person that has the password, a PC or Android/iOS device and an internet connection.

If you talk about the advantages of owning the Amcrest home security system, the quality of recorded video and audio remains unmatched. Whether you are protecting your home or office property, you need high-level security especially during the night and this is exactly where the 12 IR LED in Amcrest come in handy.

Yes, these cameras have 12 Infra Red LED lights which can help you see clearly even in darkness.

The range covered by this Amcrest security system is pretty impressive too. You can use the security camera to handle really long distance and the cameras work day and night. Another good thing about this security system is that the security system is UL compliant.

Your security camera has an IP67 rating which means it can stand up to bad weather conditions including rain, dust and even strong winds.

The product has many other interesting features which make it ideal for residential and business surveillance. You can use the cameras to protect your backyard, garden, pools, garages and even bedrooms.

Amcrest 960H video security system set.

When installed at your office premises, Amcrest Security system allows you to monitor main entrances, car parks, lobbies, warehouses, and office interior. The footages recorded and streamed by the Amcrest security system can be viewed both as recording and real time.

Overall this Amcrest security system thanks to its eagle eye view can keep your home and office safe. You get high resolution video which is streamed at 30FPS. Setting up the cameras is easy and the IP67 cameras have a wide 75 degrees viewing angle for excellent day and night surveillance.

The system also allows you to set notifications whenever motion is detected. Last, the surveillance system is so simple that any person with no previous experience of using home security cameras will be able to use it.

EZVIZ Outdoor 1080p Video Surveillance System

When it comes to top rated home security systems, EZVIZ Outdoor 1080p Video Security Surveillance System is surely a customers’ favorite. This bullet style camera is more attractive than most of you might expect. Interestingly, the design inspiration for this product comes from the CCTV cameras used for monitoring high-security commercial buildings.

The best thing about EZVIZ is smooth construction and compact design. You can install the camera outside your home or office and IP66 product blends effortlessly into the exterior of your building. Because the security camera has an IP66 rating, you don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations or bad weather conditions.

EZVIZ outdoor home security cameras can sit comfortably on the supplied triple axis mount. All you have to do is use the supplied screws to fix the mounting equipment at the location you like. The built-in 1 TB of memory can record videos from four different critical points of your office or home.

Single ezviz video security camera

Even the slightest movements will be detected and recorded and the notification will be sent to your smartphone. The good thing about this product is that you can customize the detection area to minimize the chances of false alarms.

This video surveillance security system delivers 1080P video with a wide angle lens. There is a ring of Infra Red LEDs which provides up to 100 feet of clear vision even when it is dark. One particular feature which makes EZVIZ so popular is that you can monitor and view the live video on your mobile device anytime, anywhere you want.

Before you mount your camera outside your home or office, you need to first configure it to your network. In case you are wondering, this can be done within a few seconds by following a few on-screen dialog boxes.

The camera can be securely fixed to any wall or ceiling with the help of the mounting template. Once the camera is mounted, you can easily adjust the viewing angle depending on your personal liking.

At 1080P, the video streamed by EZVIZ is as sparkling and crystal clear as you would want it to be. However, if you want to save your precious bandwidth, you can adjust the resolution to ‘basic’ which is also good enough for surveillance. That’s right. Even the basic resolution has no gross image distortion and you would have no problems in motion detection.

Fortunately this outdoor security camera can be accessed remotely via the EZVIZ mobile app for Android and iOS. All you have to do is download the app and configure your product. Even when away, you can continue to receive motion alerts thanks to the notification setting.

Single ezviz video security camera

Overall, this EZVIZ video security system is clearly a good choice if you want a product that has easy installation and hassle-free operation. Weatherproofed exterior and extra wide viewing angle makes this EZVIZ system a valuable investment and the price is pretty attractive too.

You can capture the most important security details using end-to-end video encryption. The item weighs less than 13 pounds and the 4 bullet cameras can be quickly installed at any outdoor location you like.

NETGEAR ARLO 1080P HD Wired Security Camera

If you are looking for a camera that is easy to setup and has plenty of free recording storage, look no further than NETGEAR ARLO 1080P HD Wired Security Camera. The security system can be set up effortlessly. You get good image quality along with excellent audio and motion detection.

If you talk about the key features, the 1080P video recording is done at 30 FPS and there is two-way audio. The security system is AC powered and features 24/7 cloud recording. While home security and video surveillance cameras have been around for years, not many products are as easy to set up and manage as NETGEAR ARLO Q.

Netgear Arlo security camera.

As stated earlier, the camera shoots 1080P video plus there is a wide viewing angle along with INFRA RED LEDs for clear night vision. The Built-in Wi-Fi system makes it simple to configure the security system to your network.

Once set up successfully, the security system starts detecting motion and records video automatically. In addition to free cloud storage, NETGEAR ARLO Q has a mobile app too.

NETGEAR ARLO Q feels like a sturdy piece of hardware and with a compact built. The camera was mainly designed for indoor use at work and homes. Your security system has a nice soft touch and being a small, light-weight device, you should be able to squeeze the video camera in just about any location you want.

The integrated stand allows the camera to either stand on a flat surface or be mounted to a wall. The simple joint enables you to move the camera in whatever direction you like. Easy installation is made even easier with the lengthy micro-USB cable that comes with the product.

The NETGEAR ARLO Q camera has a wide-angle viewing lens (130 degrees to be precise) and can record clear footages even when it is dark. What’s interesting to note here is that the camera automatically shifts into night mode as soon as light levels drop below a certain level.

Right below the LEDs, there is a small microphone which can be turned on or off depending on your personal preference.

You have to turn the device around and switch on the WPS button located to connect the camera to your home network. The micro-USB cable can be used to provide power. If you are not happy with the configurations you set, you can always use the reset button to restore default settings.

Netgear Arlo security camera on table.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember here is that ARLO Q is only designed for indoor use and it doesn’t have adequate weather protection for monitoring your front garden or driveways. Some people have been able to use this ARLO Q for monitoring outdoors after they found the right window or the right ‘dry’ indoor place with the perfect outside view.

Perhaps the only problem with ARLO Q is that the infra red LEDs become useless if you try to use the camera through the window glass. In this case, the LED light is reflected straight back into the camera.


A home security system can be used for homes and offices and you can keep a check on what’s going on. Hopefully after reading this post, you will be able to find a security camera that meets your budget and home security needs.



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