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Best Outdoor Floodlight Security Cameras

Shopping for floodlight security cameras? Security cameras that have built-in lights can add needed safety to your home. They can provide monitoring around the clock and better visibility in your surveillance. After all, a video of any suspicious activity captured will only be useful if it can be stored and viewed later easily.

The environment we are living in is becoming challenging with every passing day and there is always a need for better security systems. A safe home is a smart home and vice versa. Security cameras can be used to keep a check on our surroundings especially our homes. We can show you what you want to know if shopping for floodlight security cameras.

How Do I Choose Outdoor Floodlight Security Cameras?

In recent times, security cameras have become affordable for household consumers and also address the security concern quite well. They are available with a wide range of features such as night vision, motion sensors, alarm systems, audio and video recording, face recognition, etc. Although, the list of available brands is as long as the list of the available features, you should choose what suits your needs best and of course your budget. These cameras range from low to very high priced ones, depending on what they offer. 

The right combination would be a high-resolution video camera, motion sensing floodlight, night vision, a two-way audio system, and a warning alarm. Keeping these features in view, let’s identify the top products available in the market.  Please note that this is not a ranked in order but rather a sampling of some good options.

Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring has been in the market for quite some time now and has introduced various products from mousetraps to video doorbells. In fact, the company is considered among the market leaders in video doorbells. They have their own subscription plans which permit you to become a part of the “Ring Ecosystem”.

Moreover, they have been constantly upgrading their outdoor floodlight security system which includes a 1080 pixel HD video camera armed with night vision and live view of 140 degrees. The two LED floodlights, with a combined power of 1800 lumens, are automatically operated by a motion sensor. This means that the moment the sensor detects motion, the floodlight automatically turns on. It is equipped with an automatic alarm which can also be turned on using a remote. A two-way audio system allows you to interact with whoever is outside. You can install it by hard-wire or use batteries.

Ring Is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa which allows you to not only communicate with visitors, but you can also interact through other devices that you have linked such as your smartphone or laptop, etc. You can view all your installed cameras on a single dashboard.

The ring floodlight camera starts at $250 and some variations can cost more than that. This seems relatively high, but keeping in view the performance, it is worth it. You should remember that features such as cloud storage, access to previous recordings, etc. are only available if you subscribe to the ring ecosystem which would cost you around $3 per month (basic plan) or $10 (plus plan). You will require a fast internet network with a speed of at least 1Mbps. This product requires an AC power supply and is not battery operated. The company provides one-year limited warranty and service.

Arlo’s Pro 3 Floodlight Camera 

Arlo offers a variety of security cameras along with subscription plans. They have their own app which is compatible with both, Alexa as well as Google assistant. The Pro 3 is 100% battery operated and priced at $229 to $250. It does not require an AC power supply and is famous for its high powered light, around two thousand to three thousand lumens. The most amazing feature is that the intensity of the light can be modified from 5 to 100%. Once identified by the motion sensor, the automatic floodlight can temporarily blind intruders with its extreme brightness.

You do need to purchase an optional outdoor charging cable which will cost around $25-$50, depending upon the cable length. For an extra $80 you can get a solar panel accessory, this would address the battery charging issue as high-intensity light will drain the battery quickly. The 2K HDR Camera is capable of providing 160-degree field view. When using the Arlo app and subscription, you will get access to advanced features. These include features such as detection that can distinguish between humans and animals, video storage, detection of smoke, and other gases. The best feature is that it allows access to E911 which permits you to contact emergency authorities through your smartphone, even if you are not at home. The app also allows you to select various security modes, arming or disarming, etc. The Arlo will connect directly to your wireless network and does not need a separate base. Overall, this is a highly advanced security system, but quite simple to use.

EZVIZ Floodlight Security Camera  

With a night vision range of 82 feet, a 270-degree field view, a powerful automatic floodlight LC1C fitted with a passive infared sensor, and a siren alarm, this security system starts from only $130. It can directly connect to your WIFI. The floodlight can be rotated in any direction you want with a power of 2000 lumen which can be adjusted using the EZVIZ app. The security system allows two-way audio communication. Memory options include a 256 Gb micro SD card or you can opt for subscription packages starting with a free 30-day trial that would allow you to access all data traffic. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and you can customize your settings including the configuration of zones you want to be monitored more frequently.

Bottom Line 

You need to remember before purchasing any of the outdoor floodlight camera security systems that these devices are more useful with subscriptions. You will be able to use the more effective security features. A non-subscription based security system cannot ensure uninterrupted and efficient monitoring. Think of this as an investment that is going to protect not just your assets, but you and your family members as well.