3 Smart Home Security Cameras You Need to Consider

3 Smart Home Security Cameras You Need To Consider

Outdoor wireless security cameras are becoming popular for a strong reason. More and more people now prefer outdoor security systems to protect their valuables and of course, their loved ones.

Installing an outdoor security can prevent break-ins and at the same time, you would know what’s happening in your home when you are not around. Which outdoor security system would work best for you? What do you need to look for in a system? Continue reading to find out more.

Our Top 3 Home Security Cameras

Check our recommendations regarding the best home security systems.

ARLO Security System

Not many outdoor security cameras for home can match the great image quality and flexible camera placement offered by ARLO security system. Most outdoor cameras are Wi-Fi enabled, but they still require an AC power source. This isn’t a problem if you have a power outlet closely, however power cord placement can put limitations on where you can place your camera.

This Wi-Fi security camera is a completely wireless outdoor home security camera system. The design is neat looking and you can place the small battery powered cameras in any location you prefer.

Arlo smart home security camera system

The high-quality wireless camera delivers crystal clear and sharp daytime and night-time vision. The only downside of this incredible system is that it doesn’t offer any audio option and you cannot pan, tilt, or zoom the camera.

ARLO security system can be taken just about anywhere. This product comes with a single wireless camera, 4 lithium batteries, an Ethernet cable and a base station. The kit also includes mounting device you can use to attach the camera to a wall.

The good thing about this security system is that it can be attached to the mounting device without the use of any additional screws. The powerful magnet embedded in the housing can be used to attach the camera to any flat surface.

The wireless camera is small and IP65 rated which means it can be installed outdoors even in the most extreme climates. The battery included with the camera is seen to last at least six months. 12 IR LEDs included in the system provide excellent night vision.

The wireless nature of ARLO means that you cannot pan, tilt or zoom the camera. Similarly, you cannot record your audio or send audio messages like other wireless camera options. There’s an ARLO app that can be downloaded to control the device.

Single Arlo smart home camera

The security system app also features an option to launch a live feed. This on demand video goes a long way when it comes to conserving battery power and saving precious bandwidth.

The bottom line is that if you are tired of locating a power source for your surveillance camera, this ARLO security system is the right choice for you. Battery enabled cameras can be installed just about anywhere and all you have to do is come to terms with lack of PTZ and audio features.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

If you talk about best outdoor security cameras, Nest Cam outdoor definitely makes it to the list. The innovative design along with an updated app makes this outdoor security camera one of the most valuable additions to your home security system.

Man holding Nest Cam security camera

When people think of outdoor security cameras, images of ugly bullet cameras flood their thoughts. Well, surveillance cameras or outdoor security no longer will damage the aesthetics of your home.

If you are the kind of person who hates several holes drilled through the walls of your home to attach camera cables, Nest Cam outdoor is one thing that will make your life easier.

First, this camera doesn’t look like the typical ugly outdoor cameras you find. The simple design does a fairly good job of avoiding unwanted attention from intruders and by-standers. Setting up your camera and configuring it to your system isn’t a tough job either. All you have to do is worry about connecting a 10 foot USB cable to the camera body.

Manufacturer claims that the camera is built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. The IP 65 rating suggests that the camera can withstand dust as well as occasional showers from your garden hose. The USB attachment and module is rated IP67 which means it can be submerged in rain and snow without risk.

Because the camera can function in a wide range of temperature, you can easily attach it to your home exterior without worries. Find a suitable door frame or any other metal surface and use the magnetic swivel mounting attachment to attach the camera at the spot you like.

Nest Cam outdoor security camera on wall.

Nest Cam Outdoor gives you 1080P video along with 130 degree field of view, night vision and two-way audio. So the next time you see an intruder outside your home, just say something into the microphone and scare them off with your voice.

For your convenience, Nest Cam can be controlled and managed with the Nest app. The latest app version includes smart features such as person alerts and cloud storage.

Setting up the camera and cloud storage is simple and you can get the security system running in a few minutes.

Overall, if you are looking to add a robust home outdoor security camera, this is a no brainer. This security camera is one you would love. The only downside is that the outdoor camera doesn’t have a battery backup.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera

Zmodo is popularly known for its affordable selection of outdoor home security cameras. This Zmodo Wireless Security Camera is one of the most affordable ‘Smart’ security options you can find. In fact, you can get 4 quality wireless cameras for the half of the price of other popular products in the market.

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras

Those of you who are budget conscious would want to know how lesser price might affect camera security features and video quality when compared to other high-end products. Well, with that being said, be ready to be surprised.

This Zmodo Smart wireless security camera system features 4 cameras having 720P HD video quality. You can control the video cameras with your smartphone – the app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. Not to forget, this security system also features an IR night vision mode along with sensitive motion detection sensor.

The features provided by this wireless security camera system are sufficient and more importantly, they are quite decent in quality. If you talk about the key features, affordability and high-quality video without a doubt are the key highlights.

When you buy this product, you get not just one but 4 smart security cameras. This is a huge advantage if you want to install multiple cameras across multiple locations in your home without spending a fortune.

Perhaps the best thing about Zmodo smart security system is that there is absolutely no sacrifice in performance. Even though the camera system is way cheaper than other high-end products in the market, you get guaranteed protection and HD video quality.

The night vision is nothing out of the world, but considering its price both video quality and coverage is very decent.

Those of you who are in need of multiple cameras would be particularly impressed with this easy to install and very affordable camera system.

The app you can download on your smartphone is designed in such a way that all four cameras can be viewed and operated seamlessly together. The packaging of the product is reasonable and serves its purpose well.

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras

The installation process of Zmodo security system is relatively easy. However, you have to adjust the position of the camera carefully as the power cord is relatively short.

The video quality of Zmodo security is decent during the day hours as well as darkness. Being an IR based camera, you can use the Zmodo security camera for monitoring your home even when it’s dark.

The only downside of this affordable and high-performing security system is the relatively limited motion detection sensor.

Some customers also report that the Wi-Fi receiver is weak and the security system can disconnect suddenly leading to interruptions in video.

The biggest selling point of this camera system is its affordability. In addition to excellent selling price, the camera is very easy to install and use. The smartphone app allows you to control the camera and the 720P video quality is good enough for both day time and night time monitoring.

The only major downside is the small length of the power cord. The construction material is decent, but you have to be careful if you are using it outdoors.

Overall, Zmodo wireless camera is an excellent home outdoor security camera option for those looking for an affordable alternative. In fact it is the best choice if you want to install high-performing multiple security cameras at once.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of having outdoor security cameras is that you can use them to watch what’s happening outside your home. Hopefully you will be able to find a pretty good deal when it comes to outdoor security cameras after reading this post. Remember, investing in a high-quality outdoor security camera can be the best thing you ever did.

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