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Why You Need Front Door Smart Locks

Front door smart locks are an enormous technological advancement with huge benefits for home security. It allows us to make our homes far more secure than traditional locks and deadbolts. They also offer other additional features that will help you monitor the security of your home. We will show you the top five things that you need to know before you adapt to this latest form of security technology.

#1 Understand Your Needs

While deadbolts and latches are one size fits all types of tools, a smart lock needs to be compatible with the type of door and doorframe you have. While the smart locks will automatically turn your deadbolt, the functioning of the deadbolt itself remains independent of the effectiveness of the smart lock. If you have been pushing or pulling and adjusting the door before turning the deadbolt for it to fasten properly, the smart lock is not going to do that. Likewise, if there is too much distance between the door and the jamb, while the smart lock will turn the deadbolt, it will not add the level of protection that you need. If there is not enough space, the motor in the smart lock can even burn out trying to fully extend the bolt. So make sure to inspect your door before you buy a smart lock.

#2 You May Need a New Deadbolt

As has been already described, different smart locks function differently, so while there may be some options out there that fit into your existing deadbolts, some versions of smart locks require a specific sized and designed deadbolt. Then there is also the functionality. Some smart locks operate the same way as the traditional locks whereby you need to enter a code instead of using a key. Some locks may open themselves as you approach the door while some may require more verification. These differences also impact the type of bolts you already have, so keep that in mind too.

#3 Check Reviews and Privacy Policy

Just because it says on the packaging that it is the highest security smart lock does not make it true. There are innumerable low quality, and possibly low price, brands that are manufacturing these front door smart locks and while you may be installing such a lock for added security, it might end up causing you even more trouble. As a rule of thumb, avoid the smart locks that come without proper brand names or with names that sound off-key. Secondly, visit the website of different brands and read about any potential vulnerabilities and customers’ testimonials. While currently popular, smart locks have been around. You should use other peoples’ experiences to make a smart purchase for your home’s security.

#4 Consider Installation Details

As opposed to a regular deadbolt that you could fix on your door yourself, this technology requires a little more finesse and skill. You will need a working internet connection to be able to use a Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock or a Bluetooth protocol for that type of smart lock. While the former gives you more independence and more control over your house remotely, the latter is better if you want to save on your smart lock’s battery. It is better to consider these operational details beforehand. Likewise, if you intend to add more smart home gadgets instead of just a lock, then you should also consider how this lock would work in conjunction with them. For instance, some smart lock brands offer Apple HomeKit enabled options, while others allow for locks that interact with outdoor cameras, smart bells, and so on.

#5 Convenience Versus Security

Finally, smart locks are intended to improve your control and convenience. On their own, they do little to add substantially to the level of security of your home. To improve both these benefits from a smart lock, it is better to choose the locks that are inconspicuous – meaning no visible keypad, operational through smartphones etc; and do not have keyholes. Both these features mean extra security, not just in terms of stronger control over your deadbolt but also less chance of exposure and less vulnerability to porch theft, break-ins and lock-picking.

Final Word

Being able to remotely lock our homes, being able to see who is at our door without needing to be physically present at the door or even in the house, and the added layer of security and peace of mind are only a few of the many benefits that smart locks bring. However, installing and using front door smart locks is not as simple as changing a light bulb or moving to a power bank instead of a plug-in charger. Now you know the considerations you should make while shopping for your smart door lock.