Amcrest 960H Security System Review

Amcrest 960H Security System Review

Video surveillance, more popularly known as CCTV (closed-circuit television), has been in use since 30 years or so for monitoring and surveillance purposes. However, thanks to recent technological advancements and the increasing demands of end-users, we have witnessed major developments.

Hundreds of sophisticated products have emerged and all video functionalities are streamlined with the internet. The product we are going to review here is no exception.

Amcrest 960H video security system set.

The Amcrest 960H Professional Video Security System is a secure, simple and highly advanced monitoring system. It can tape professional quality widescreen video by using four high-resolution video cameras, all of which can be handled together for easy recording.


The high-resolution, weatherproof cameras deliver excellent video quality with a matchless clearness. The 24 IR LEDs activate immediately when they discover low lighting conditions. The system efficiently monitors all activity roughly 20 meters or 65 feet away.

The cameras are geared with IR-LED night vision to give you complete control over all movements in the night time.

Other Features

  • Pre-Installed 500GB drive
  • Widescreen with Remote Watching on all Android devices as well as iPhone/iPad (with the Amcrest Link app)
  • Continuous High-Resolution Recording for 6 Days
  • IP66 sturdy metal indoor/outdoor
  • USB backup feature
  • Efficient weatherproof video cameras

Thanks to the DVR’s robust yet simple software application, the intuitive user interface has made the surveillance equipment a masterpiece of engineering. You can use this video security system for the following residential and businesses purposes.

Residential Surveillance

  • Protecting exteriors, including patios, porches, gardens, pools, and backyards
  • Monitoring interiors, including guest houses, nurseries, and bedrooms
  • Protecting against trespassers

Business Surveillance

  • Monitoring exteriors, such as parking lots, shipping bays, courtyards, and entrances
  • Guarding interiors, including lobbies, warehouses, offices, and retail
  • Deterring any criminal activities or for observing customers and employees with real-time footage

What Others Say

Users have highly praised the 960H system by declaring it a highly convenient surveillance system. The system allows home and business owners to monitor their premises 24/7. With the push of a button, users can get a glimpse of all four cameras on their television screens.

Reviewers found the Amcrest Link app to be convenient to use. Almost all the people who bought the camera system have made use of the app to check for check for any intruders or criminal activity even when they are on the go. The app’s Playback Interface records files so they can be instantly viewed on the phone of the user.

All buyers have reported good experiences of the product and one reviewer says it only took him 30 minutes to install the entire system.

Buying Advice

This product enjoys a good rating on Amazon. You can busy this incredible surveillance gear for little below $210 with free shipping from Amazon. Amcrest offers a 1-year domestic warranty on their products along with lifetime support.

This quality 960H model is one of the best products in the CCTV market today. If you want to enjoy peace of mind knowing that if any component of the 960H system stops working within a year of purchase, Amcrest will promptly replace it.

Amcrest 960H video security system camera.

Final Verdict

The equipment utilizes advanced image sensors for allowing users to view larger and clearer images. The cameras connect point-to-point directly to the DVR for offering a non-complex and plug-and-play setup process.

If you want to purchase a high-resolution video security system that offers professional-grade quality at an affordable price, the Amcrest's 960H is the perfect choice for you.

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