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How to Protect Your Amazon Deliveries from Package Theft

If you’ve been using Amazon to deliver essentials to your home more frequently, you may be wondering how to protect yourself from package theft. Packages are stolen often. In 2019, more than a third of Americans had their packages stolen from their front steps. This trend especially picks up in the winter and holiday months. As deliveries increase and fewer people are watching from the streets, valuables get stolen. Here are the top seven ways to protect your Amazon deliveries from getting stolen.

#1 The simplest option is often the best

Track your package. That’s it. Amazon offers detailed tracking of everything that you have ordered. You can always know what day you are likely to receive your package, and once you do all that you need to do is to stay alert on that day. However, during the winter days, there might be some delays in the delivery so don’t freak out. Once you get the date of your package, just stay in touch with the retailers and stay alert.

#2 Get some help

In addition to staying vigilant yourself on the date of the arrival of your package, another simplest method against package theft is to ask a friendly neighbor to keep an eye out as well. They can also receive it for you and keep it safe inside the house until you get it. Alternatively, you can also get the package delivered to your workplace if it is allowed. Since most workplaces have 24 hours security and some personnel around the clock, that is a simple yet safe solution for packages as well.

#3 Schedule your deliveries

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The third of the simplest ways to protect you from package theft is to keep the delivery system in your control altogether. Fortunately, Amazon allows you to set up notifications with delivery services that will not only let you keep the timing in your control but also reschedule your deliveries.  Some companies also allow you to get your packages delivered at a nearby Walgreens so you can pick up your package instead of delivery people leaving it at your front porch.

#4 Other security measures are also helpful

While a growing number of people are increasing home protection through security cameras, adding a doorbell camera can be helpful. The simple installation of such a camera would discourage anyone from stepping on your porch uninvited and it will also keep your precious packages safe. Moreover, if someone is still idiotic enough to pick up your package, a camera will easily allow you to track them and recover your package.

#5  A video doorbell is equally efficient

While a video doorbell will also perform the same functions as installing a camera, an additional benefit of such a technological addition is that you will not only see who is at your door but you will also be able to communicate with them. They will also give you peace of mind when you are not at home. You will be able to see who is dropping the package and may also let them know if you will be reaching in a few minutes or would you rather have them drop the package with your neighbors instead.

#6 Get a BoxLock

This is a slightly expensive option, costing around $130. But a BoxLox can be used to provide direct protection for your packages. You can install the BoxLock on your front or back porch wherever you are expecting your package to arrive. This tech has been on the market for over two years now and thousands of delivery drivers have already been trained across the US to use the barcode scanners in BoxLock. Only the package that is addressed to you will be able to open the lock and the delivery guy will leave it there only for you to be able to open it again.

#7 Get an Amazon key

Another great service that Amazon provides is to get the Amazon Key which will allow their staff to open your garage and leave your package inside instead of leaving it out on the porch where it is susceptible to theft. This might sound like a great risk directly from the delivery staff, but Amazon has you covered there too. There are a number of additional features with this Key service in addition to your package being delivered inside. You will receive an alert before the driver arrives, and once they reach your door, they will send a request to Amazon to open the door. Amazon then verifies that the driver has your package, is at the correct address, and then opens the door without sharing the key with the delivery staff. You get a notification of the delivery too. Amazon also keeps a video recording of the delivery which you can watch live or later.

Final Word

Package theft is a real concern these days. If you are having many packages delivered to your home, you might want to consider ways to deter theives. If you take some steps to secure your purchases left at your home, you’ll be more likely to receive them stress-free.