SimpliSafe Home Security Review

SimpliSafe Home Security Review

A good home security system can give you peace of mind. You will be able to rest assured that your home is safe, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road. This is why opting for a top of the line home security system is a great idea.

SimpliSafe is a trusted name in this industry and they have created effective and affordable security systems. The Command Bravo is one of their best wireless home security systems. Here are some notable features of the system:

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Alpha

Wireless Design: There are no wires. You don’t have to worry about clutter. Plus, you can set it up in any part of your home.

DIY Operation: The system is easy to use and you can install and operate it without requiring professional assistance.

24/7 Security: For less than $15, you can sign up for 24/7 monitoring provided by SimpliSafe. Their professionals will monitor your system and alert you in case something untoward is detected.

Multiple Styles: There are 5 styles of the product currently available. The main difference is in the number of pieces you receive. The price depends solely on the equipment you want, and therefore, you can choose according to your needs. This means the Command Bravo offers great value for money.


Here are some great features regarding this product.

  • Pay as you use. No need to sign a long-term contract
  • Your system is monitored by professionals round the clock
  • ​Easy to install, set up, and use
  • Offers remote access through your mobile devices
SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Alpha

What Others Say

The Command Bravo has received a great rating, indicating that a majority of customers who purchased the system are happy with its performance. Furthermore, there are only a couple of negative reviews, which means this product is highly recommended by people who have actually used it.

A number of customers praised the price of the product, stating that it offers great value for money. The minor gripe people have with the Command Bravo is that it offers generic features and could use some improvement.

Buying Advice

You can purchase the Command Bravo conveniently on Amazon. There are 5 styles available for you to choose from, so you can decide on the one that best suits your needs. The prices start from around $200 for the Alpha and go up to around $500 for the Echo.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo

Do make sure you check all the features before you select one. You can also choose Free Smart Home Consultation and Amazon offers a couple of protection plans. If you want to save money, consider looking for deals and discounts on other leading online stores.


In terms of price and customer rating, you cannot do better than the Command Bravo from SimpliSafe when it comes to wireless home security systems.

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