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Best Night Vision Camera for Your Home

You never want to feel like your home is at risk. Break-ins can not only be financially damaging, but can also result in feeling unsafe at home and of having your privacy violated. However, you can’t spend all your time at home, and you want peace of mind while you’re away, especially if you travel frequently. A night vision camera can help make you feel secure.

Advances in technology have changed the way we live in many ways including safety and security. The security cameras available are continuously getting better. A night vision camera can be used to monitor a baby in a crib, monitor your kids after school, and watch pets when you are at work. These are some things to consider before purchasing a security camera.


The standard resolution for a unit for your home is 720p. Some night vision cameras offer better resolution. It is recommended to purchase a 1080p. However, a 720p will suffice if you want to keep within a reasonable price range.

View Field Capacity

The field-of-view indicates how far right and left a camera sees, the more, the better. A bigger field-of-view allows you to see more with a single model, so you don’t have to purchase multiples to cover your space.

Vision at Night

Many people worry primarily about their homes at night, since this is the time that most breakins occur. Night vision will allow your security camera to record, even in poor light quality conditions.


Most security cameras connect and allow you to view and store footage via an app. This app should be easy to use and bug free. Always read reviews and check app ratings before purhasing a security system.

Storage on the Cloud

Security cameras store footage online. Many companies offer some free storage with their product. You will have to decide if the cloud storage provided is enough or if more footage/ longer storage period is needed.

Privacy and Security

The camera you buy should have strong security and privacy policies. The footage contained on the camera is of your life and home. Hackers should not get to see it. Any camera you purchase should have camera, app and cloud storage security measures in place.

Internet Connection

Because most security cameras run via Wi-Fi, a strong internet connection is needed for reliable security. Make sure your night vision camera is set up in a location where it can easily connect to the internet.


A good security camera is becoming more and more affordable. The old saying of you get what you pay for is a pretty good indication of the quality of your unit. Many models have been tested and we think you’re sure to find a camera suited to your individuals needs on the list below.

Logitech Circle

The Logitech Circle has excellent 1080p video. The app is simple to use and the camera feature two way audio, meaning you can hear whats going on in your footage as well as communicate through it. This inexpensive unit rolls in at a very reasonable price.

logitech circle

For an inexpensive camera, this night vision camera offers many features and amenities usually offered on more expensive models. The setup is simple and its easy to use. The high quality 1080p video can be watched around the clock.

The field-of-view is 135°. This camera is able to continue to record in the dark and will even send alerts right to your cell phone when the motion detector goes off.

The feed can be viewed and record at night, despite the total absence of light. There is no delay in the feed: everything you see is happening in real time. You can talk to pets or your kids with the two-way audio, or scare away potential thieves.

The design easily blends in with a home’s decor. Your Cloud settings allows 24-hour replaying, downloading, and sharing recorded video. You can even stock up on optional extras, but you probably don’t need them, the cameras basic features are liekly sufficient.

The app gives a 30-second time-lapse of space that allows a recap of the last 24-hour activity. The camera holds a charge for 12 hours. It does not have to be continuously plugged in to work.

Netgear Arlo Pro

Netgear, a popular internet provider has branched out recently and extended its grasp into the home security field.

netgear arlo pro

It brought a range of easy to use, high-quality security cameras to the home security space.

The Netgear Arlo Pro featured is actually a second model of a popular security camera that the company launched in 2015.

The newer version of this night vision camera has some awesome upgrades.This camera now features two-way audio which is a useful toold that allows communicatuon both ways: you can speak to your pets through the unit, but you also have the ability to hear what’s going on on the other end of the feed.This feature means the camera can easily become a theft deterrent.

The image quality has a resolution of 1080p X 720p. It has a 130° field-of-view. The attractive unit also features a motion dector and can see clearly up to 25 feet.

The camera can be used outside or inside. The system is ultra simple to set up and use, but is second on this list because it requires a rather large hub, although most users felt the hub was a minor drawback. This rechargable unit can go for approximately 6 months without a charge. When it does require a boost, your app will make sure you’re the first to know.

Video can be both monitored and recorded by your camera, allowing you to review as necessary. Your unit will also let you know the temperature etc when replaying video. While the camera is not ultra cheap, it is not overly expensive.

Nest Indoor Security Cam

The Nest Indoor Security Cam is functional and stylish. You can sync multiple cameras together to offer the best in home security that is easily manageable with one app.

nest indoor security cam

This night vision camera offers 1080p resolution, a 130° field-of-view, and push notification. The clarity of image is fantastic and the view point allows the camera to easily capture a whole room.

This camera is easy to use and to quite simple to set up. The app that connects the camera(s) is extremely easy to use, but if you prefer, you can use a web browser.  Like many of the other camera, it features 2-way audio as well as motion detection and night vision.

The app also controls the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect also, so if you have previously purchased Nest Products, there is a good chance you can control multiple home features with just one easy app.

It is free to view your footage. However, a cloud storage plan has to be purchased to save, download, or share video, which can be viewed as a downside. The video stores for ten days in the cloud. Reviewers gave the camera high ratings. This model available in as a single camera or can be purchased in a three-pack.